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Title A Four-Year Church Reformation in Japan
Date 2013-02-22 Hit 2902

Beginning in 2005, Kook Jin Nim worked as the Chairman of the Tongil Group of companies to improve the performances of companies that had been suffering heavy losses. He recruited professionals and developed managing systems to help reduce deficits. At that time, the debt ratio of Tongil Foundation was more than 800% but now it has been reduced to the 100% level. He made most of companies in Tongil Foundation keep in the black by operating companies through Six Sigma and Business Innovation. Especially, the Segye Times had been operating at a lost for over 23 years and Tongil Foundation invested lots of money to Ilsang in Yeosu. However, both of companies have been changed into profitable companies. Even in the swamps of the global recession, companies of Tongil Foundation are operating stably and profitably.  

On Feb. 15 2009, True Parents called urgently Chairman Kook Jin Moon who was working for settling the system of Tongil Foundation. When he arrived at Cheong Pyong, True Parents told him that Japan, which is the Mother Nation, faced a serious crisis. True Parents asked him to go to Japan and save the Japan church in the difficult situation. Obedience to True Parents’ words, he went to Japan. 

In 2009, Unification Church in Japan was in a serious situation just as True Parents mentioned. It was in the biggest crisis since its founding, because Christian ministers, opposing attorneys, some of police organization and media persecuted Unification Church in Japan all together.

Chairman Kook Jin Moon dedicated all his efforts to Japan Church in order to convey True Parents’ love. He faced the difficult situations physically and spiritually, but he met church members in the front line and encouraged them.  He showed his strength and courage. 

In the situation that he should work as the Chairman of Tongil Foundation as he come and go to Korea and USA, Chairman Kook Jin Moon visited Japan 29 times in 2009, 24 times in 2010, 24 times in 2011 and 19 times in 2012 including president KaziKuri Kentaro Seonghwa Ceremony. He visited Japan total 97 times. When he came to Japan, he travelled each city and received reports directly. When he came to Church Headquarter in Japan, he had the regular reports from each department and gave advices to them. He really showed his indefatigable zeal in improving the system of Japan Church. 

In the process of that, Chairman Kook Jin Moon got to know the situation of illegal kidnap and confinement to Unification Church members in Japan. As a matter of fact, for 44 years since 1966, over 4,300 members was kidnapped and imprisoned illegally. Because of illegal kidnap and confinement, some of members were dead. Mr. Koto Tooru had been kidnapped and imprisoned for 12 years and five months and escaped. The Japanese government discriminated unification church members on the basis of religion and furthermore, even though the Japanese government knew human rights of its peoples violated, it left the unjust situation as it was. Chairman Kook Jin Moon realistically analyzed the situation and started work on the project of saving church members in Japan from the illegal kidnap and confinement.

Chairman Kook Jin Moon informed UN Commission on Human Rights in USA and in Geneva, Switzerland of Japanese unification church members’ realities of human rights. And also he informed human rights groups in the world of it. In Korea, representatives of 7,000 Japanese wives, who moved into Korea after getting married, held the press conference for religious freedom and human rights in the Japanese embassy, in the press center and in each major city of the whole country. They met Congress members in USA and let them know this situation. 

Furthermore, they held the press conference for asking the Japanese government to take strong actions for religious freedom and protection of human rights in the major cities together with ACLC leaders. In Japan, the nationwide mass rally was held against religious persecution and for protection of human rights and this issue was paid attention to internationally. As this movement was magnified, the major media in the world such as AP, UPI, Reuters and New York Post reported the illegal kidnap and confinement of unification church members in Japan. In Korea, this issue hit the headlines in three main broadcasting companies and major daily newspapers. News Pursuit of SBS reported the realities of the illegal kidnap and confinement in Japan accurately for one hour in the regular broadcast program

In order to help the Japanese church members in the difficult situation, unification church members in the world supported omnidirectionally unification church in Japan through worldwide network. Opposition forces against unification church were weakened under the banner of religious freedom and protection of human rights. Because of this change, opposition to unification church was eroded remarkably. For the last four years, thanks to True Parents’ Jeongseong, Chairman Kook Jin Moon’s investment, and the sincere efforts of Japanese leaders and members, unification church in Japan made a miracle. 

Since 2010 when we started working with Father’s autobiography, unification church in Japan witnessed 5,000 persons a year and from that result, the number of regular members increased 26,000 and the number of Sunday service attendees increased 12,000. After publishing Father’s autobiography, 5.2 million copies was spread out and 85% of churches in the whole nation were changed into approved churches. HQ appointed the local leaders with the highest results into directs of each department in HQ and let them devote themselves to taking care of members. 

Chairman Kook Jin Moon’s activities were not only for church. He had the clear and providential goal, which is to make Japan God’s nation, Cheonilguk. True Parents chose Korea as Father Nation, Japan as Mother Nation and USA as the Elder Son Nation. On this foundation of True Parents, Chairman Kook Jin Moon developed the social movement for strengthening the national security under the banner of Strong Korea, Strong Japan, Strong USA and Abel UN 

Since May of 2011, he led the social movement for the nation security under the banner of Strong Korea and Strong Japan. He gave speeches in 138 places and 54,000 persons participated at this rally. Through his speech, he informed that as China strengthened its military power more and more, Korea and Japan was in the serious crisis in terms of national security. In order to respond to this serious situation in the Northeast Asia, Korea and Japan should cooperate in the field of national security. Chairman Kook Jin Moon emphasized on this issue through social movement. In 2012, he gave speeches in 125 places and let 6,500 security experts participate at this movement. And also, 85 members of the National Assembly, 260 members of Hyun council and 532 members of city council took part in this movement and made this movement the national issue. 

For the last four years, we have attained the miraculous results. However, there are the more important things than these external results. Unification church members in Japan recovered their confidence and became proud of unification church. Through those changes, we had the hope of witnessing in Japan and missionary work in the world. 

An old saying goes that opportunities are found in times of crisis. Opportunity knocks unification church in Japan after crisis. From now on, True Mother will supervise unification church in Japan through newly appointed chairman. Chairman Kook Jin Moon will focus on his mission in Tongil Foundation, Segye Times and Sun Moon Education Foundation according to direction of True Mother and make the greatest fruitfulness. 

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