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Title [KBS News etc] “We should prepare for the North Korean nuclear EMP attack,” said a former CIA director at the IAPP seminar.
Date 2017-04-16 Hit 700
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[KBS News]

Former CIA director: “We should prepare for the North Korean nuclear EMP attack”

As concerns of further provocations of North Korea are increasing, the threat of North Korea is also rising in the United States.

The former CIA director insists that we should prepare for the possibility of the North Korean nuclear EMP, also known as the electromagnetic pulse attack.

Washington Correspondent Jae-Won Lee.


At the US House of Representatives Seminar, former CIA director James Woolsey emphasized that we should not underestimate the North Korean nuclear threat.

He also warned us in particular that we should be prepared for a North Korean nuclear EMP, the electromagnetic pulse attack, by satellite.


He was also concerned that if this does become a reality, 9 out of 10 Americans will be harmed.


James Woolsey (Former CIA director): “Electromagnetic pulse can disable all the electronic devices if they are blown up above where they are located. North Korea does not have to hit their target.”


It is also argued that the necessity of deploying THAAD in the Korean Peninsula is increasing, due to the provocations of North Korea.



DeTrani (Former US Deputy of Six-Party Talks): “In the contents of miniaturization and deployment of missile transport system, there is no other choice but to build a missile defense system.”


The seminar also raised the issue of the North Korea’s regime change.


Laura Becker (US House of Representatives): “We need an action plan to evacuate the North Korean regime. The power of authentic government comes from the consent of the people, and North Korea is not an authentic government in this respect”


Meanwhile, a satellite image was caught of 70 to 100 people gathering in North Korea’s Pyeunggye-ri nuclear test site.


38 North is a similar phenomenon to that of North Korea’s last three nuclear tests, and it is analyzed that they are carrying out a message insinuating a nuclear test..... [See the original story]

[Yonhap News]

De Trani, former US deputy of Six-Party Talks: “Provocation of North Korea, Need to build up THAAD”

Jae-In Moon speaks of “Reserving THAAD” saying, “There is no choice other than a missile defense system.”

Former CIA director Woolsey calls on the possibility of North Korea’s “Nuclear EMP attack” by satellite.

(Washington=Yonhap News) Correspondent Seung-Woo Lee= Former US Deputy of Six-Party Talks, Joseph DeTrani said on the 29th (local time), “The recent provocation of North Korea has raised the need for a THAAD deployment on the Korean Peninsula.”

At the US House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., Former US Deputy DeTrani attended a seminar hosted by the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) on the theme of “Korea-US-Japan Triangular Alliance.” (sponsored by The Washington Times)

Former US Deputy DeTrani said that Democratic Party representative Jae-In Moon, one of the Korean presidential candidate, is leading in the polls, but pointed out that he is “taking a reserved attitude” in the THAAD deployment, as well as strong opposition from China, North Korea’s subsequent provocations, etc., also pointing out, “We have no other choice. It is urgent to build a strong missile defense system.”

He said that North Korea should “First stop threats, provocations and intimidations, as they have done so far, to discuss the peace treaty it has demanded and to get back to the negotiation table. Only then can we build trust enough to communicate.”

He also continued saying, “If North Korea does not do so it is absolutely necessary to have a nuclear deterrence to North Korea through joint US-ROK military drills.”

In addition, he said, “We need urgent measures, especially since North Korea is pursuing a clear purpose of developing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) and installing clear warheads.”

DeTrani urged China to hold and regulate the North Korean regime.

He demanded that “China must welcome Kim Jung-Un as a comrade again, and tell him ‘You are making the United States turn their backs on you, and putting everyone into an out-of-control situation. Look back at what you did. You must stop at what you are doing right now and sit at the negotiation table. Stop threats and intimidations, because it does not work anymore.’” ..... [See the original story]

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