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Title [Korea Economic Daily etc] ‘Infinite Challenge-Pyeongchang Olympics’ was broadcasted with Yongpyong Resort
Date 2017-05-13 Hit 685
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‘Infinite Challenge-Pyeongchang Olympics’ was broadcasted Yongpyong Resort

Yongpyong Resort, located in Daegwan-ryeong Pyeongchang-gun Kangwon-do, will serve as the background scenery for the MBC TV entertainment program, “Infinite Challenge,” featuring a special episode on the “2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games,” which will be broadcasted on 15th.

According to Yongpyong Resort, “Infinite Challenge” members and guest star Park Bo-Gum recorded their show at Yongpyong Resort on March 23 last month.

Yongpyong Resort has reserved the Rainbow Slope, which will be the main slope used in the Pyeongchang Olympic Alpine Skiing event.

As they were recording the show, the staff members and Park Bo-Gum played against one another as teams using the regular Pyeongchang Olympic sports. In 2009, Mr. Park received very special training session prepared by the production team, with the honor to reappear on the "Bobsleigh” episode.

As a new artist, Park Bo-Gum especially revealed his dancing abilities during a dance show, and since then, has exerted his hidden talent.

Yongpyong Resort officials said, "The shooting time was in March, however the weather was like it was in mid-winter because the location was in Daegwan-ryeong. The cast was professional enough to shoot despite the cold weather. Even though the weather was harsh Mr. Park had shown passion going up and down the slope several times.”

Meanwhile, Yongpyong Resort has caused a syndrome with tvN popular drama, “Dokkaebi” last winter. The two male and female lead actors, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Goo-Eun) gave sweet back hugs, which captured viewers, at the top of Mt. Balwang (1,458meter), also called "Dragon Peak Sky Garden," which was the exact location..... [See the original story] 

[Korea Economic Daily]

Yongpyong Resort states, "Park Bo-Gum’s fighting spirit emerged during a shoot for ‘Infinite Challenge' in the cold weather."

Actor Park Bo-Gum is known to carry out steady acting during the "infinite challenge," shooting in spite of the cold weather.

On the 15th, on MBC, “Infinite Challenge” will be broadcasting a special episode called “2018 Pyeongchang” for this upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in about 300 days.

On March 23, the broadcast was filmed at the Yongpyong Resort in Gangwon-do, the host city of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, with the participation of “Infinite Challenge” members and guest star Park Bo-Gum.

Park Bo-Gum has shown his artistic talent, not previously seen on other entertainment programs, and revealed his hidden dancing skills.

In addition, there were team competitions held using the regular Pyeongchang Winter Olympic sports; and in 2009, the production team prepared a very special training session for Mr. Park with the honor to reappear on the “Bobsleigh” episode.

At the time of shooting in March, because it was located in Gangwon-do the weather was mid-winter. According to officials at Yongpyong Resort, the cast members were shooting professionally, despite the cold weather.

In particular, unlike the other staff members of “Infinite Challenge,” Park Bo-Gum had to take the lift several times. There were rumors that he showed his passion in going up and down the slope several times, despite the harsh weather.

The “Infinite Challenge” 2018 Pyeongchang episode, featuring Park Bo-Gum showing his artistic talent and strong spirit, will be broadcasted on June 15 at 6:20pm.....[See the original story]

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