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Title [Kyung Hyang Newspaper] FFWPU National Harmony and Unity Spearhead Rally (Honam region) “Seeking the Path of Unification through National Harmony”
Date 2017-06-01 Hit 787
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[Kyung Hyang Newspaper]

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Vision Rally “Seeking the Path of Unification through National Harmony”

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification held its “Hope for Korea! National Harmony and Unity Spearhead Rally” with over 3,000 FFWPU members in attendance, at the Kim Dae-Jung Convention Center, located in Gwangju, on May 28.

This event was held as part of national awareness training in preparation for the approaching unified era of Korea through intra-national harmony, and in seeking a proposal that would allow Korean citizens to overcome domestic and international challenges, including North Korea’s unceasing nuclear experiments and the conflict between the United States and China regarding THAAD deployment.

The agenda for this event included the opening Harmonious Unification Hanmadang Festival with various cultural performances, the keynote address given by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, adoption of declarations for unification and three cheers of Eog Mansei.

Dr. Moon gave the keynote address under the topic, “Heaven’s Providence and Korea’s Mission Viewed from the History of Human Civilization.” Dr. Moon stated, “Within about 10 months since its founding in 2016, the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace held a gathering at the US Senate Caucus Room, with over 300 current parliamentarians in attendance, of which over 80 were US congressmen. They became aware of how they must go along the path towards peace upon becoming one with True Parents.”

Dr. Moon emphasized, “A hundred years ago, the Indian poet Tagore wrote, ‘In the golden age of Asia, Korea was one of its lamp bearers, And that lamp is waiting to be lit once again, For the illumination of the East.’ Likewise, we must go beyond becoming a lamp bearer of Asia, open a new era of the Pacific Rim Cultural Sphere with other nations, and go forth into the world. Through this rally Korea will go forth to become the center of the world.”

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification then adopted declarations for expressing its determination to overcome domestic and international crises, and for the harmonious unification of the nation.

Marking the beginning with the Seoul Incheon Gyeonggi-do Gangwon-do joint metropolitan rally held on April 30, this Harmonious Unification Vision Rally was the third in the series, following the Yongnam Region Rally (held at the BEXCO) on May 14. These rallies will continue to be held with the Chungcheong Region Rally (held at Sun Moon University, located in Asan-si) on June 4, and the Youth and Students Rally (held at Imjingak, in Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do) on June 3. There is expected to be a total of 120,000 participants across the five regional rallies.

An official from FFWPU stated, “We plan on having national awareness training across the -si, -gun, -gu, -eub, -myeon, and -dong administrative divisions targeting two million citizens, in preparation for a unified era of Korea. We also are making plans to allow various movements to take root that patriotic citizens can participate together in.”... [See the original story]

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