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Title [Segye Times] ‘2017 Multicultural Handicapped Children’s Family Camp’ held in Yongpyong Resort
Date 2017-06-01 Hit 740
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[Segye Times]

‘2017 Multicultural Handicapped Children’s Family Camp’ held in Yongpyong Resort

About 150 people attended a one-night and two-day event hosted by the Muticultural Welfare Center

Participants of the Multicultural Handicapped Children’s Family Camp are taking a group photo at the entrance of Peak Island in Yongpyong Resort

The “2017 Multicultural Handicapped Children’s Family Camp,” which was hosted by the Corporation Multicultural Welfare Center (Chairman Byung-Ho Son), and sponsored by the Korea Racing Authority Yongsan branch, Yongpyong Resort and the Korean Multicultural Peace Federation, was held in Kangwondo, Yongpyong Resort from the 27th to the 28th.

This was the 11th family camp held where approximately 150 people, including 30 multicultural families with children with disabilities, college students and volunteers, participated in a memorable  one-night, two-day event.

The Handicapped Children’s Family Camp conveyed messages of hope and happiness through various programs and self-help groups, and continues to focus on family cohesion, wellbeing and  consciousness through family counseling for families with children with disabilities, among multicultural families.


Byung-Ho Son, Chairman of the Multicultural Welfare Center, gave welcoming remarks to family members and volunteers who participated in the “11th Multicultural Handicapped Children's Family Camp.”

Chairman Byung-Ho Son said, "Today's protagonist is you, who participated in this camp. Let's wash away the many difficulties that come from everyday life and receive energy from nature. Also, let us positively accept the challenges in our daily life and enjoy it. Through this camp, let us overcome our difficulties by thinking positively that any condition can become a cause to be happy. Next year, we will arrange a camp where more families can participate."

The Chairman of the Multicultural Steering Committee, Geum-Suk Hwang, also expressed her words of encouragement and emphasized, “Multicultural families are our hope. The world is shining brightly because there are multicultural families. "

On behalf of the employees of Yongpyong Resort, Director Hee-In Lee delivered the donation to a student named Yeon-Jung Kim, together with president Byung-Ho Son, and the opening ceremony was concluded with words of appreciation given by the president of Chonbohoe, Kyoko Nishikai.

Families with special needs children are enjoying water play.

On the first day of camp, the multicultural families held a one-on-one matching between volunteers and children with disabilities, and enjoyed water play experiences, as well as joint-family competitions at Peak Island (Waterpark).

Families with special needs children and volunteers opened their hearts to one another, while enjoying water play and becoming close like family. There was a time arranged for families to learn the techniques of communicating and resolving family conflicts through the mother and father self-help groups, as well as private consultation sessions.

On the following day, the participants rode the gondola lift up to the summit where they could see the whole of Yongpyong at a glance, and enjoyed the fresh air and the forest of May.

Since many families experienced Yongpyong Resort and the Waterpark for the first time, this especially became an opportunity to directly feel the challenges special needs children face when going out, as well as learning cultural experiences.

Kyung-Sik Yoon's father, who participated in the camp, said, "I experienced the Water Park, Gondola lift, and, of course the Yongpyong Resort, for the first time. I am so delighted that there is this kind of opportunity for children with disabilities and their families to enjoy cultural experiences. I hope that there will be opportunities for people with disabilities to go out freely. I thank the volunteers."

Woo-Jin Lee, a volunteer said, "I was very nervous at first. Because the characteristics of each child were all so different, their behavior also varied. I tried to treat them with an open mind as much as possible, and I kept thinking that these children were non-disabled children who were just handicapped. I went over and talked to the children first. I was glad to be able to do a worthwhile job during a short camping period of one-night and two-days. I will continue to participate as a volunteer."

Children in wheelchairs are happy to participate in the games themselves.


The Multicultural Welfare Center, an organization run directly by multicultural families, received nationwide authorization from the Women’s Family Department in 2011. They organize support, funding, volunteering, counseling and education so that multicultural families can share their heart with Korean society.

The Multicultural Welfare Center, together with Cheonbohoe, in thinking about the future welfare of multicultural handicapped children, are working to establish a self-sustaining foundation that can help with funding by connecting with social businesses. ... [See the original story]

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