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Title [Newsis] Kyeung-Seuk Ryu, FFWPU President: “Hope for all to show interest and participate together in FFWPU’s World Freedom ∙ Korean Freedom Movement”
Date 2017-06-22 Hit 772
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Kyeung-Seuk Ryu, FFWPU President: “Hope for all to show interest and participate together in FFWPU’s World Freedom ∙ Korean Freedom Movement”

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification-Korea President Kyeung-Seuk Ryu is being interviewed by Newsis at Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on May 30.

FFWPU embarked on May 1, 1954 (by the lunar calendar) as the “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity,” founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. It has now developed as a world religion with a foundation in 194 nations through missionary work.

On 2012, when Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who established FFWPU with his strong charisma, ascended (Seonghwa), there was worry that the total number of believers would drastically dwindle throughout the world. However, in direct contrast to this, under the leadership of his wife, Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who was his most reliable partner while he was still alive, the FFWPU was able to quickly regain stability; and is actively expanding its activities, as well as its membership, throughout the world.

Especially this year, at the 63rd year since its founding, the FFWPU has been receiving wide-spread attention from initiating various events, such as the “Hope for Korea, Regional Vision Rallies for the Harmonious Unification of the Nation,” throughout the five main regions of the nation. The FFWPU has recently been holding more events than in previous years.

On May 26 (May 1 by the lunar calendar), the FFWPU held its 63rd founding anniversary celebration. At this time, we met FFWPU-Korea President Kyeung-Seuk Ryu, who must have been busier than anyone else, and inquired about the significance, activities and vision regarding FFWPU’s 63rd founding anniversary.

The following is from our Q&A session with President Ryu.

- What is the significance of the 63rd founding anniversary of FFWPU?

“Founders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon founded FFWPU on May 1, 1954 (by the lunar calendar) centering on the lofty vision of accomplishing God’s ideal of creation. Rev. and Mrs. Moon have reawakened the latent spirituality of intellectuals and youth throughout the world, and they have devoted their entire lives toward realizing a happy and peaceful world, with the establishment of true families centering on true values and true love.”

The FFWPU heralded its 63rd founding anniversary on May 26 (May 1 by the lunar calendar), and redoubled its determination to go forward in realizing the vision of “One Family Under God” through the practice of true love, under the philosophy of “Love Heaven, Love Humankind, Love Your Country,” as advocated by its founders.

- Usually, some special significance is given to the tenth anniversary, and many big events are often held. However, in the case of FFWPU, it has already passed its 60th anniversary, with seven years remaining until its 70th anniversary. Is there a reason why the FFWPU has been initiating various events and activities, especially this year, at its 63rd anniversary?

The reason the FFWPU has come to hold more diverse events this year has to do with the special message Mrs. Moon gave at the beginning of this year.

As you are well aware that recently, over the past few months, Korea as a nation was passing through a long, dark tunnel with no end in sight. Following North Korea’s fourth nuclear experiments that were held in January last year, the Korean peninsula became like a lone ship in the vast ocean being bombarded by violent winds and fearsome waves. Based on the resolutions set by the UN, the international community has implemented high sanctions against North Korea. However, conflict between the United States and China was sparked regarding THAAD deployments. North Korea then capitalized on this situation and carried out its fifth nuclear experiments, as well as armed provocations.

Not only was Korea’s national security at risk, but Korea’s economy was also in a grave situation. Korea’s economy was mired in unemployment, a consumption cliff and slow growth. Political polarization further intensified. While the global economy escaped from a long recession, and is making its way towards a full recovery, in anxiety and apprehension we were crying out, “Is it only Korea’s economy that is being excluded?”

The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) World Summit is being held at the Lotte Hotel World Crystal Ballroom, located in Songpa-gu, Seoul, on June 4.

Although insufficient, efforts were made to unify the will of the people through harmony across all political parties, and respond to these domestic and international crises we were facing. The political gap caused by a climate of impeachment, as well as the opposition and division surrounding the impeachment and arrest of the previous president, have implanted distrust in the government and left a large scar in people’s hearts.

Mrs. Moon started 2017 with conditions of deep prayer and devotion. Mrs. Moon then instructed us, as FFWPU and all affiliated organizations, to become one, and to convey a message of hope for the Korean people for realizing peace on the Korean peninsula, which is trapped in political, diplomatic, security and economic crises. Mrs. Moon especially directed us to carry out complete mobilization activities for three years, centering on the philosophy of “Love Heaven, Love Humankind, Love Your Country” until the year 2020.

From this perspective, this FFWPU 63rd founding anniversary is the first of the three-year condition to complete mobilization activities, in which we practice true love and devote ourselves for the sake of this nation, its people and the world, under the spiritual leadership of Mrs. Moon. This is becoming a year with special significance in which we initiate activities that will permeate deeply into the hearts of the people, more than that of any other year.

- Were the recent “Hope for Korea! Vision Rallies for the Harmonious Unification of the Nation” held throughout the nation for this reason as well?

 “That’s right. Under Mrs. Moon’s directions of conveying hope to a Korea in crisis, we are having these ‘Hope for Korea! Vision Rallies for the Harmonious Unification of the Nation’ nationwide.

Fortunately, a new president was elected on May 9 amid this crisis, and has come to stand on a new starting point.

However, as I mentioned earlier, there are far too many accumulated tasks we must solve. We must gather our wisdom and heal the wounds caused by anger and strife, and head towards a new Korea with the heart of unconditional love and harmony, while overcoming division and opposition.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon always spoke about the blessings and the Will that God has for this nation and its people. They spoke about a vision for the future in which North and South Korea will be unified, and with peace realized on the Korea peninsula, this unified Korea will overcome its past suffering and stand proudly as the central nation of the world.

Standing together with all affiliated organizations under Tongil Group, the FFWPU is conveying a message of hope regarding proposals for overcoming domestic and international crises, as well as the future vision of Korea, and is holding vision rallies for national awareness training in preparation for the approaching unified era. All of these activities are initiated with the vision given by our founder, under the topic, “Let us open the era of a unified Korea through the practice of true love for the sake of others!”

If the people’s consciousness change, overcome these conflicts, and become one through this, then Korea can move forwards towards great hope. Going further still, past north and south unification, Korea can be reborn as the central nation that leads East Asia towards peace and heads the Pacific Cultural Sphere. The first starting point for the realization of this ambitious dream is these vision rallies.

- With North Korea’s series of provocations, and number of years have passed by since conversations between North and South Korea have ceased. With President Moon Jae-In’s administration underway, it is expected for there to be profound change, even regarding the relationship between North and South Korea. It seems that this is even more significant with the passing of the 30th founding anniversary of the Unification Korea Federation.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification held the “Hope for Korea! Vision Rally for the Harmonious Unification of the Nation – Seoul Incheon Gyeonggi-do Gangwon-do Combined Metropolitan Area Rally” at the Ilsan KINTEX Exhibition Hall 2, located in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, on May 30.

Founder Hak Ja Han Moon is posing for the camera in front of the “Hope for Korea! Declarations for the Harmonious Unification of the Nation,” which were adopted by the distinguished guests in attendance.

“The Unification Korea Federation, founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon on May 15, 1987, has been continuously implementing various activities on the national level towards the unification of North and South Korea. These include pan-national unification education activities for expanding the common desire for unification for the realization of the people’s long-cherished hope of the reunification of Korea, and unification movement activities at home and abroad for receiving international support and cooperation regarding the unification of the Korean peninsula.

Mrs. Moon expressed that the “Unification of North and South Korea” is the most urgent task at hand that must be resolved immediately in order for Korea to overcome its state of crisis and progress towards becoming a nation of hope. In addition, Mrs. Moon hopes for the Unification Korea Federation, as the representative organization under Tongil Group that will lead the path towards the unification of North and South Korea, to stand once again at the forefront for the reunification of Korea. Also, while being directly in attendance at its 30th founding anniversary event held at Building 63, Mrs. Moon delivered a special message for the people.

On May 10, when this 30th founding anniversary event was held, there was also the inauguration ceremony for the 19th president of Korea at the National Assembly. It seems that there is some special significance when seeing that these events, both held for opening an era of hope for Korea, were held on the day and place (at Yeouido-dong, Yongdeungpo-gu, in Seoul).”

- Last winter, through the political climate for impeachment and the candlelight vigil, citizens who before had no regard for politics came to be have concern for it, and they began to actively voice their opinions. Within in this type of situation, it appears significant that just recently FFWPU founded the Life Politics Academy Small-Scale Forum National Federation.

“Holding the ‘Hope for Korea! Vision Rallies for the Harmonious Unification of the Nation,’ it was determined that local politics will lead local civil societies and form the most vital foundation pertaining to national awareness education. As a result, the FFWPU then relaunched the Life Politics Academy Small-Scale Forum.

The Life Politics Academy ‘Small-Scale Forum’ National Federation, which has sought for the development of democracy and the realization of popular sovereignty through local government and decentralization, was formed on December 14, 2010.

In the same year, on June 2, the ‘Fifth National -dong and ­-si Administrative Divisions Local Elections.’ In the following year, in 2011, as the year of the ‘20th Anniversary of the Revival of the Local Assembly’ including the 19th general election, it was a time with a series of serious political issues and incidents, resulting in the active spark for participation in politics based on citizens’ participation and autonomy. At the same time, it was also a period in which the people’s disappointment in the national government was naturally expressed through the desire for local government and decentralization.

However, a system that could realize the desires of the citizens who hope for new politics was practically non-existent as something real in the people’s lives, or in their local societies.

In this situation, the Small-Scale Forum was formed for the purpose of ‘realizing local decentralization through local government led by the people and the development of local government’ and ‘maximizing the growth for political awareness and participation of the citizens as the leaders of life politics.’

Upon being reminded once again of the necessity for Life Politics Academy last year, we have come to operate the Small-Scale Forum for fulfilling the two purposes as described above.

It is planned for the Small-Scale Forum to initiate and develop various activities, while establishing its three main roles given by the following. The first being as ‘a place of communication’ for local government, the second being as ‘a place for the cultivation of talented leaders’ by providing a means to find and raise new, competent local government leaders, and the third being ‘a place for various education activities’ for maximizing political awareness growth and participation of the people.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification-Korea President Kyeung-Seuk Ryu is being interviewed by Newsis at Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on May 30.

Politics is not a concept or slogan, but is the act of living itself. However, Korea’s life politics still remains as a mirage that the citizens cannot come near. With this point in mind, the Small-Scale Forum will become ‘a place of communication, education and enlightenment’ for the realization of both life politics ‘of the people, by the people, for the people,’ and worthy popular sovereignty that goes beyond local government and decentralization.”

- How is Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s condition recently?

 “After the declaration of Foundation Day, Mrs. Moon has been driving forward with the publication of the Cheon Il Guk textbooks, and the reorganization and re-stabilization of the world mission infrastructure in Korea. Outside of Korea, Mrs. Moon has built a worldwide foundation that will accomplish Heaven’s will and fulfill the vision of peace, through the establishing and awarding of the Sunhak Peace Prize, the establishing and managing of the HJ World Peace Foundation and the founding of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace.

Especially in this year, Mrs. Moon is constantly concerned about Korea in crisis, and earnestly hopes for Korea to overcome its critical situation as soon as possible, achieve the reunification of North and South Korea and advance beyond Northeast Asia in leading the era of the Pacific Cultural Sphere.

For this, Mrs. Moon has ordered the FFWPU and the Unification Family to initiate various activities, and at the same time, has directly initiated activities for securing a worldwide foundation.

Last February, after the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind’s birthday and Foundation Day anniversary, Mrs. Moon oversaw the following international events. These include the award ceremony of the second Sunhak Peace Prize, which was designated to recognize individuals who contribute significantly toward solving the most critical issues in the future global community, the presentation ceremony of the ‘HJ World Peace Foundation' scholarship certificates, which are earmarked for the cultivation of future leaders, who will lead the future generations, the World Summit of the ‘International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace,’ which was founded as a gathering of world leaders for establishing a world of peace and the ‘International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences.’

Mrs. Moon especially prepared an international foundation of mutual assistance to allow Korea, the ‘Fatherland of the Providence,’ to overcome its present crises. On May 8, Mrs. Moon gathered American and Japanese parliamentarians to Japan to hold a conference for overcoming the crises the Korean peninsula is facing, and called American and Japanese leaders to Korea to participate in a harmonious unification ceremony.

Through the Women’s Federation for World Peace, an NGO with general consultative status with the UN, the Unification Korea Federation and the Segye Ilbo, Mrs. Moon is actively developing activities for constructing a peace park in the neutral zone of the DMZ near the 155-mile Military Demarcation Line that has separated North and South Korea for many years, and is developing promotional activities aimed toward establishing the fifth UN secretariat in Korea.”

- I’m curious to hear how Vision 2020 has been progressing.

 “Following the declaration of Foundation Day in 2013, the FFWPU has been on a 7-year course under the leadership of Mrs. Moon, to completely accomplish God’s Will by the year 2020, the 100th birthday anniversary of Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and to establish our position as a national religion.

This is not only for the development of the FFWPU, but it is a vision that was made centering on God’s Will that desires for Korea, God’s fatherland, to achieve reunification of North and South, and to expand further as the nation that will lead the era of the Pacific Cultural Sphere.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification-Korea President Kyeung-Seuk Ryu is being interviewed by Newsis at Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on May 30.

In order to fulfill this purpose, the FFWPU has been initiating activities for building a new domestic and international foundation over a 3-year course, as part of the first half of the 7-year course. During this time, we made efforts to change our systems, as well as activities that were developed centering on Headquarters to those centering on local branches. For this transition, we developed the three main innovation points of organization, capacity and environmental innovation, and built both a domestic and international environment as a national religion.

Upon the foundation that was built through the 3-year course of the first half of the 7-year course, for the remaining 4-year course until year 2020, we began the first year of the ‘4 years of hope’ from last year. Upon then analyzing the domestic and international environment and situation, we set the ‘resolution of social conflicts through the restoration of family communities,’ ‘overcoming national crises through the social responsibility of religions,’ ‘resolution of cultural conflicts through the realization of a multi-cultural society’ and ‘sustainable growth through the realization of the peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula’ as our national agenda. In addition, we are implementing the five core policies of the ‘expansion of God’s tribal messiahs,’ ‘continuous cultivation of future leaders,’ ‘happy family communities,’ ‘putting values into practice in daily life – religious culture’ and ‘realization of peace on the Korean Peninsula.’”

- Four years have passed by since you were appointed as FFWPU-Korea President. Please give your thoughts.

As I spent these four years as FFWPU President, I was able to confirm how God is with the FFWPU, loving and guiding us.

When I was selected as the FFWPU-Korea President after finishing the Top Gun workshop in 2013, I felt my heart tremble in fear, due to a tremendous sense of responsibility associated with this position, but I kept my faith in Heaven and advanced confidently in my work.

With reverence for and fear in God, we have kept the providential vision that Rev. and Mrs. Moon have bestowed upon us in our hearts, and with a partnership formed by church leaders and the FFWPU members, I have carried out my duties as FFWPU-Korea President. My absolute trust in Rev. and Mrs. Moon has allowed my faith and conviction to further solidify.

- If there are any final remarks you want to make to the people…

 “I express my sincere gratitude to everyone for your continual support for FFWPU activities until now.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon know well that there is God’s special Will and providence for this nation and its people, which is for Korea to become the pioneers in opening a new era of unification, as well as the era of the Pacific Cultural Sphere.

How Rev. and Mrs. Moon completely mobilized the world foundation they pioneered and established, and how much they invested toward realizing peace on the Korean Peninsula and even throughout the world, are all for God’s Will and Providence.

As conveyed in Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s teachings, as God the Creator invested everything and created human beings, anyone can become a great person.

The FFWPU will realize the tradition of true love that Rev. and Mrs. Moon have practiced and bequeathed to us through the ‘Hyojeong’ culture of shimjung, and will go forth in opening the era of peace and unification as the religion of True Parents that will ease the pains of the world.

I would like to request for your sincere concern and active participation in movements for seeking a better nation and world that FFWPU is implementing centering on Rev. Sun Myung Moon up in Heaven and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who is leading the Providence on the earth.... [See the original story]

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