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Title [Chungcheong Daily] ‘Hope for a Unified Korea! Marching Forward for Harmonious Unification Rally' Held at Cheongju
Date 2017-07-29 Hit 636
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[Chungcheong Daily]

‘Hope for a Unified Korea! Marching Forward for Harmonious Unification Rally' Held at Cheongju

[Chungcheong Daily Reporter Jeong-Gyu Lee] To usher in a new era of a unified Korea, the “Hope for Korea! Marching Forward for Harmonious Unification Rally" in Cheongju City was held with tremendous success on July 1 at the ChungcheongBuk-Do Education & Science Research Institute.

This “Marching Forward Rally,” with over 550 people in attendance, was held jointly by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Unification Korea Federation.

This rally was organized to promote national awareness in preparation for the approaching era of Korea unification through intra-national harmony, as well as for solutions in overcoming Korea’s domestic and international crises.

At this event, special guests including former National Assembly member Jin-Yeong Kim, former Cheong-ju Mayor Dae-Su Han (Council of Ambassadors for Peace Chungcheongbuk-do Branch Chairman), Cheong-ju City Council Chairman Byeong-Guk Kim and former Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Council Chairman Dae-Shik Shin, were in attendance.

At this event, Council of Ambassadors for Peace Chungcheongbuk-do Branch Chairman Dae-Su Han gave the welcoming address. Han stated, “As citizens of this nation, we are bound to have various dreams, but I can say first and foremost that our dream as a nation of 50 million is the reunification of North and South Korea. Let us not just remain envious of the unification achieved by Vietnam, Berlin and Yemen, but rather pave the way towards achieving reunification of the Korean Peninsula.”

Cheong-ju City Council Chairman then gave the congratulatory remarks. He stated, “Recently, tensions and conflicts within the relationship between North and South Korea have reached a critical point. I express my respect for your future-oriented unification movement activities.”

The FFWPU Chungcheongbuk-do Chairman Yun-Ho Eok then gave the keynote address. Chairman Eok indicated that “The unchanging generation gap within the ideological conflict between democracy and Communism, as well as increasing political polarization, are blocking the path towards forming healthy national communities.” Eok then emphasized, “In order to go forth towards a brighter future, we as nation must end all opposition and conflicts toward each other, and we absolutely must open the path towards becoming one.”

Eok continued, “For reunification to be achieved with North and South Korea, in the midst of the social ideological conflicts we are facing, we must forgive, love and unite within our families, and carry out the True Values Movement activities in becoming true parents, true teachers and true owners.” Eok further explained that “From now until the year 2020, this is an innovative period in which the FFWPU has set, and is now implementing the five core strategic tasks for realizing ‘Korea’s hope.’ These tasks include the continual cultivation of future leaders, the realization of family communities overflowing with happiness, and the realization of peace on the Korean Peninsula.”

Participants at this event signed declarations to express one’s determination in support of three points. These points are taking an active role in leading the True Values Restoration Movement, carrying out peace projects worldwide for realizing peace on the Korean Peninsula and taking the leading role in promotional activities for building the DMZ Peace Park and establishing the fifth UN Secretariat in Korea..... [See the original story]

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