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Title [Newsis] The FFWPU Holds a Special Peace Gathering at Madison Square Garden, in New York, USA, with Over 20,000 Participants from 43 Nations
Date 2017-07-29 Hit 714
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The FFWPU Holds a Special Peace Gathering at Madison Square Garden, in New York, USA, with Over 20,000 Participants from 43 Nations

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. July 15 (EST) Founder Moon is giving the keynote address at the special peace gathering being held at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA.

“It was just like yesterday when I was walking along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, as I was crying immensely while clinging onto God, as He was leaving America. I have been offering my complete devotion without rest, for solving America’s problems, including the breakdown of the family, sexual immorality, corruption of youth and moral decadence.”

The above is an excerpt given by Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon when he was alive. The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification has come forth again to reawaken America, a nation for which Rev. Moon sincerely prayed to stand properly as a lead nation.

The FFWPU held a special peace gathering under the topic, “Peace Starts with Me: A modern solution to our divided culture” at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA, on July 15 at 3pm, EST.

At this event, most notable attendants included FFWPU Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, Trump Administration Evangelical Advisory Board Chair Pastor Paula White, U.S. House of Representatives member Yvette Clarke, former U.S. House of Representatives member Dan Burton, former U.S. Special Envoy for the Six-Party Talks with North Korea Ambassador Joseph DeTrani, FFWPU International President Sun-Jin Moon, Women’s Federation for World Peace International President Yeon-Ah Moon and other various American VIPs, political leaders and religious leaders. In total, over 20,000 people from 43 nations were in attendance.

Notably, religious leaders from Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Native American religions, along with over a hundred Christian churches, all gathered and participated together as an “Interreligious event.”

Trump Administration Evangelist Advisory Board Chair Pastor Paula White is giving the opening prayer at the special peace gathering held at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA, on July 15 (EST).

At this occasion, Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon gave the keynote address under the topic, “Heaven’s Providence and America’s Mission from the Viewpoint of the History of Human Civilization.”

Founder Dr. Moon recalled the countless trials and tribulations the FFWPU had to go through before it could take root in America.

“America is a blessed nation in the face of Heaven’s providence. America must fulfill its responsibility. This nation became sick, and Rev. Moon (the FFWPU Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon) came to America. America was blinded in its immersion in individualism, family breakdown and problems regarding its youth. In such a state, America was even being threatened by Communism. Rev. Moon stood at the forefront of treating and healing this ill America of all its problems. As a result, many conscientious people and youth followed Rev. Moon. However, the politicians who could not understand this sought to chase out Rev. Moon from America.”

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon stated, “If it wasn’t for the mission of True Parents, there was no need for me to come to America,” and explained, “However, it is because I am the True Parents that I must save America and lead the world towards God. I invested my blood, sweat and tears for over 40 years in America.”

FFWPU Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon (second from the right) and FFWPU International President Sun-Jin Moon (third from the right) are posing with children at the special peace gathering held at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA, on July 15 (EST).

Founder Dr. Moon continued, “Rev. Moon understood that the path of saving America is the path of saving the world. Therefore, Rev. Moon pushed a famous Professor in Political Science to announce, ‘The End of Communism.’ This declaration became a reality with Communism collapsing just five years later. It doesn’t end with just that. Rev. Moon then sent 3,000 people from Soviet Russia to America and educated them. These 3,000 people ended up protecting their country from the Communist threats.”

Founder Dr. Moon stated, “Fallen humanity cannot return back to God. Fallen humanity must be reborn through the victorious True Parents. This act of being reborn is done through the FFWPU’s Blessing.” Founder Dr. Moon further emphasized America’s responsibility as the world’s greatest superpower. “When America and the world are filled with and overflowing with Blessed families, then God’s dream, humanity’s dream, True Parents’ hope and the dream of realizing one family under God can be realized. That day is drawing near.”

U.S. House of Representatives member Yvette Clarke gave a congratulatory message. Clarke stated, “This rally is a really surprising festival in support of peace.” “No justice, no peace.” “Where there is inequality,…injustice, there can be no peace.” “…For Mother Moon’s continued vision,…we need to start with ourselves, because indeed, peace begins with us. Let us rededicate ourselves to that calling.”

Ki-Hoon Kim, the FFWPU-USA President, gave welcoming remarks. President Kim stated, “While showing America’s symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty, and the Hudson River to my acquaintances on America’s Independence Day on July 4, I thought about the spiritual significance of this festive day and God’s blessings for America.” President Kim emphasized, “In order to solve the many struggles that American families and society are going through, Founder Dr. Moon came to America. America must not forget that God blessed this nation.”

International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace Co-Chairman and former U.S. House of Representatives member Dan Burton stated in his speech, “There is a threat of nuclear war, and crazy people developing intercontinental ballistic missile systems, as well as many other things… that we, all together, need to be strong to make sure we have the ability to stop war, and that we’re all prophets and supporters of peace… Peace is strength, all over the world.”

This event started off with welcoming remarks from the FFWPU-USA President Michael Balcomb and ACLC Co-Chairman Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., and continued with a performance given by Grammy winner Bishop Hezekiah Walker and the 2,000 Voice Choir, an interreligious combined choir formed by members of 70 churches, an opening prayer given by Trump Administration Evangelist Advisory Board Chair Pastor Paula White, greetings given by the FFWPU-USA Continental Chairman Ki-Hoon Kim, an introduction of Founder Mrs. Moon given by the Executive Pastor of the Life Center Church of God in Christ Torrey Barrett, the keynote address given by Founder Mrs. Moon, congratulatory remarks given by Congresswoman Clarke, and performances by Apple Heaven, an international dance team and Grammy winner Yolanda Adams. The event was broadcasted live worldwide, via Internet.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification held a special peace gathering with over 20,000 participants from 43 nations at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA, on July 15 at 3pm, EST. (Photo courtesy of the FFWPU)

Meanwhile, according to the FFWPU, this event marks the fourth large-scale event held by Founders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon at Madison Square Garden. Standing at the forefront, Founders Rev. and Mrs. Moon held the “Day of Hope” Rally here on September 18, 1974. This rally was held with tremendous success with an overflow of 20,000 people, even with 5,000 seats added to the venue’s 25,000 seats.

At that time, speaking under the topic, “The New Future of Christianity,” at the heart of America, Rev. Sun Myung Moon explained the path America will tread moving forward in this chaotic age of capitalistic evils, and caused a great ripple effect throughout American society.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon held the Holy Blessing of 2,075 couples in 1982 and the interreligious Blessing ’98 in 1998 at Madison Square Garden.

Advocating the importance of sexual purity and the family, the Holy Blessing held at the heart of New York became ingrained in the hearts of the American people. At Madison Square Garden, pictures from the mass Blessing Ceremony held at that time were on display.

Based on the belief that “America is God’s hope,” Rev. and Mrs. Moon launched missionary activities to America from the 1960’s, onward. In an America mired by racial discrimination and ideological bias, Rev. and Mrs. Moon devoted their efforts to build true value systems centered on the family and society.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Presidents from Korea, USA and Japan, as well as other VIPs, attended the special peace gathering held in Madison Square Garden in New York, USA, on July 15 (EST).

In its beginning phase of missionary work in America, the FFWPU purchased the Belvedere International Training Center and East Garden in New York, and made them into holy grounds. Among these, the Belvedere International Training Center is an historical landmark in which Rev. and Mrs. Moon met up with numerous world leaders and elucidated on the importance of peace and the path America must tread moving forwards.

In celebration of America’s upcoming bicentennial, on June 1, 1976, the Yankee Stadium Rally was held with 50,000 participants, despite inclement weather. At this rally Rev. Moon proclaimed, “I came to America as a doctor, a fireman,” and indicated that “Without stopping the threat of Communism and the ethical decadence of America’s youth, America has no hope.” During the same year on June 14, Newsweek Magazine featured Rev. Moon as the “1976 Man of the Year.”

On the same year, on September 18, Rev. Moon caused a great awakening in American society after addressing an audience of approximately 300,000 gathered at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. Rev. Moon stated, “Marking 200 years since its independence, America, as a model nation of a unified world, must become the flag-bearer for establishing Heaven on earth.”

The FFWPU also took an active part in cultural enterprises, as its membership grew and expanded throughout America. The FFWPU purchased the iconic New Yorker Hotel with its rich history and prime location in Midtown Manhattan, and made it as the center for world missionary activities. The FFWPU also acquired the University of Bridgeport, and founded Washington’s conservative newspaper, The Washington Times.

The FFWPU has also formed a good relationship with the White House, as various administrations thought highly of these activities. Presidents from both the Republican and Democratic parties, including Dwight Eisenhower and Barack Obama, have either directly received Rev. and Mrs. Moon, or have sent congratulatory messages for the FFWPU-related events..... [See the original story]

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