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Title [Insight Korea] Founder of FFWPU, Dr. Hak Ja Han: ‘Mankind from all over the world is hoping for peace’
Date 2018-01-08 Hit 682
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[Insight Korea]

Founder of Family Federation for World Peace, Dr. Hak Ja Han: ‘Mankind from all over the world is hoping for peace’

“Hyojeong Family Festival rally in Osaka”...approximately ten-thousand people attended, including the FFWPU International President Sun-Jin Moon and a Japanese congressman, in Osaka, Japan

Family Federation of World Peace and Unification Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han is giving a speech at the “Osaka Hyojeong Family Festival.”

[Osaka=Reporter Hye-Seung Jo] On November 21, About ten-thousand people attended the Family Federation of World Peace and Unification (FFWPU)’s “Osaka Hyojeong Family Festival” at the Osaka Kadoma Sports Center, including FFWPU founder Dr. Hak Ja Han, FFWPU International President Sun-Jin Moon, FFWPU-Japan President Eiji Tokuno, FFWPU-Korea President Kyeung-Seuk Ryu, four Japanese Diet representatives and 23 Local Diet representatives, as well as other prominent officials.

The event, held under the theme of “Happy Family, Stirring Japan, Hope for the World,” was held on the third Sunday in November, as chosen by the Japanese government, who showed much interest in the importance of the culture and family.

On this day, the event proceeded in the order of the congratulatory speech by FFWPU-Japan President, Eijii Tokuno, followed by a cultural performance, the introduction of the keynote speaker by FFWPU International President Sun-Jin Moon, the keynote address given by FFWPU founder Dr. Hak Ja Han and the presentation of the model family award to deserving families.

In the keynote speech, Dr. Han said, “Korea is the father country, which gave birth to the True Parents, and Japan is the mother country,” and continued by saying, “If the path is for her child, the mother will go through water and fire; and if her child will be happy and succeed, the mother will absolutely support her child.” She also added, “Mankind all over the world is hoping for peace.”

Dr. Han said, “The 2nd and 3rd generations were produced through True Parents and Blessed Families, centering on the three providences of Korea, Japan and the United States, while opening the Civilization of the Pacific Rim Era,” and said, “In the Pacific Rim Era, we must hold the banner of Hyojeong culture, as our 2nd and 3rd generation, who are to be ‘the light of the world,’ are spreading the Peace and Unification Movement,” she emphasized.

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