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Title [Joongdo Ilbo] The 2nd Multicultural Love Nation with One Heart Event held
Date 2018-01-08 Hit 718
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[Joongdo Ilbo]

The 2nd Multicultural Love Nation with One Heart Event held

Approximately 400 people attended from member of Daejeon Family Federation and residents

The Daejeon branch (Daejeon, Nonsan, Sejong, Geumsan-gun) of the Korea Multicultural Peace Federation held “The 2nd Multicultural Love Nation with One Heart Event” under the theme, “World citizen in Korea! Korean citizens in the world!” Approximately 400 members and residents gathered on the afternoon of 24th in the Auditorium of the Daejeon Family Federation.

The event was emceed by branch leader Cheol-Ho Lee, and the first session opening ceremony was held in the order of the welcoming remarks by Korea Multicultural Peace Federation-Daejeon Region President Myung-Che Lee and a congratulatory message by Daejeon Superintendent of Education Dong-Ho Seol, encouraging remarks by Korea Multicultural Peace Federation Chairman Byeung-Ho Son.

The Daejeon regional president mentioned in his welcoming remarks, “The role of the alliance is necessary to eliminate the culture that thinks of other cultures exclusively, and to realize the value of each other, as well as to create an environment in which all of us can live a life of symbiosis, peace and justice.”

In the congratulatory remarks given by Daejeon Superintendent of Education Dong-Ho Seol, he mentioned, “We have about 2,256 students from multicultural families in Daejeon, and we are always concerned about what kind of education will help them,” and continued by saying, “I will help the multicultural families to be happy and prosper as members of the Korean people in the Korea society, with all my heart.”

Chairman Byeong-Ho Son mentioned in his encouraging remarks, “Korean society is receiving two kinds of benefits through the multicultural families. Firstly, Korea, which faces serious problems due to low birthrates, is looking for a breakthrough in birthrates through multicultural families. Secondly, they are working very productively in the Korean industrial sector.” He expressed to the multicultural people that they should live with pride and offer the right values to the Korean people.

In addition, there was an award ceremony and a scholarship ceremony for 35 children from multicultural families.


In the second session, everyone gathered by country and had time to experience various cultural exchanges through various food and games by country and become one family; and in the third session, various cultural performances were prepared by multicultural families..... [See the original story] 

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