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Title [MBN][New Year Address] FFWPU-Korea President Ki-Sung Lee: ‘Living to the fullest to as a filial child with Hyojeong heart’
Date 2018-01-08 Hit 645
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[New Year Address]FFWPU-Korea President Ki-Sung Lee: ‘Living to the fullest to as a filial child with Hyojeong heart’

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Korea President Ki-Sung Lee (photo) gave a New Year’s address as we entered 2018, the Year of the Dog.

President Lee said, “I hope that Heaven’s blessings will be filled with you and your family by celebrating the New Year of the Dog in 2018,” and continued by saying, “Last year, Korea had to endure more difficult circumstances than ever before, due to the tensions between North and South, as well as the possibilities of war between North Korea and America. Internally, we had to endure extreme confrontations between progressiveness and conservatism, as well as conflict between generations.”

In addition, he continued to emphasize, “In order to overcome this national crisis, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification held the ‘Hope for Korea, National Harmony and Unity Spearhead Rally’ and the ‘2017 World Conference for Peace and Unification on the Korean Peninsula’ to share future-oriented values through harmony and reunification, and then presented our vision for a new era of a unified Korea, as well as a bright future for the Korean peninsula.”

Mr. Lee also pointed out, “According to the teachings of Rev. Sun-Myung Moon, the founder of the Family Federation, we are heading toward the religion of the Korean people, who are trusted by the society based on the ideology of loving God, loving our neighbors and loving our nation with the torch of spirit and truth.”

President Lee closed his New Year address by saying, “In the year of the dog, the Family Federation is constantly striving to fulfill the mission of the religion that leads the national salvation movement with spirit and truth.” He also said, “As a religion that always practices its mission in this era, the Family Federation will do our utmost to live a life with a Hyojeong heart of filial piety, living with God as the parent of mankind.” ....[See the original story] 

[Segye Times]

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