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Title [Monthly JoongAng 2018, January] FFWPU seeking a new way of peace. Dr. Hak-Ja Han, the second Golden Age ‘Widely Open’
Date 2018-01-08 Hit 753
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[Monthly JoongAng 2018, January]

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification seeking a new way of peace

Dr. Hak-Ja Han, the second Golden Age ‘Widely Open’

Political, religious, academic leaders gathered, resolving climate and refugee problems... Hosted the Hyojeong Peace Contest in Japan after the Peace and Unification World Rally in Seoul

Members attending the “Hyojeong Peace Rally” held at the Osaka Kadoma Sports Center in Osaka, Japan, on November 21, are listening to the keynote address given by Dr. Hak-Ja Han.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is being reborn. After the Seonghwa of Rev. Sun-Myung Moon, centered on Dr. Hak-Ja Han, the Family Federation has sought to find a new way to world peace, such as gathering groups of world leaders in the field of politics, society, culture and religion, by actively participating in climate change and refugee issues. In particular, Dr. Han has established new leadership as a global women’s leader by enacting the Sun-Hak Peace Award, thus supporting and encouraging peace activists, as well as establishing a global scholarship program to train future leaders.

After Rev. Sun-Myung Moon completed his life on earth at age 93, on September 3, 2012 (July 17, Lunar New Year), Dr. Hak-Ja Han took the lead overall in carrying on Rev. Moon’s mission. During the thirteen days after the Seonghwa of Rev. Moon, Dr. Han filled the vacancy with the life and accomplishments of the Rev. Moon, in the midst of the mourning of various prominent figures, including world leaders.

In particular, after the Seonghwa ceremony on September 15, which was presided at the Cheongshim Peace World Center on the 17th including the three-day service, during the World Leader’s Conference, she urged the attendees to “proceed without interruption.” In particular, Dr. Han presented the future of the Unification Family (home), such as passing down the tradition of Rev. Moon, the completion of ideal of blessed families, fulfillment of the mission and the responsibility of Tribal Messiahship, as well as the realization of a cultural community.

In the meantime, Dr. Han declared the anniversary of Cheon-Il-Guk on January 13, 2013 (Lunar calendar), attended by top leaders from across the nation and abroad, and held various events, including the Blessing Marriage Ceremony, the Entrance Blessing Ceremony, the World Peace Summit and the Hyojeong Global Peace Foundation.

The [Cheon-Il-Guk Scripture] Project, which contains the contents of Rev. and Dr. Sun-Myung Moon and Hak-Ja Han, has been completed in 2015, in accordance with the third anniversary of Rev. Moon’s Seonghwa. Also, Dr. Han has proclaimed a constitution that would actually rule Cheon-Il-Guk. The Cheon-Il-Guk Constitution was enacted with the [Family Pledge] summarizing Rev. Moon’s teachings as a top priority.

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