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Title [Jugang Donga] 2017 Global Rally for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula
Date 2018-01-08 Hit 657
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[Jugang Donga]

'2017 Global Rally for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula'

World Peace Message echoed across the Korean Peninsula

Political and Religious Leaders in over 70 countries ‘The Origin of Peace and Unification through Religious Harmony’

[Providing Photo-Organizing Committee for World Conference of Peace and Unification on the Korean Peninsula]

The “2017 Global Rally for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula” was held on November 11, at the Seoul World Cup Stadium to pray for peace on the Korean Peninsula and to build world peace and true love throughout the global community. Even though the mercury meter dropped 3 degrees below zero, religious and political leaders, including ambassadors from 70 countries, as well as more than 80,000 civilians, attended this event in Seoul.


The event was attended by Dr. Hak-Ja Han and other VIPs, including the FFWPU International President Sun-Jin Moon, WFWP International President Yeon-Ah Moon, Universal Ballet Foundation Chairman Hoon-Sook Moon, and welcomed prominent guests including former CIA Director James Woosley, Former US Representative Dan Burton, Ambassador of Myanmar to Korea Thura H Thet Oo Maung, US Bishop Don Meares, the Vice-Chairperson of Vikitian Art Congress, Angelican Priest Marcus Braybrooke. Many political and religious leaders from each country pledged, by placing their handprints in concrete, to take action for the realization of peace on the Korean peninsula.

Dr. Hak Ja Han: “Sharing of blessings and completing our responsibilities”

Dr. Hak-Ja Han, Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 2017 Peaceful Unification World on the Korean Peninsula Kyeung-Suk Ryu, Former CIA Director James Woolsey (from above)

Chairman of the National Assembly Sye-Gyeun Jung, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly Joo-Sun Park, Former Prime Minister Soo-Sung Lee, National Assembly of Foreign Affairs Jae-Kwon Shim, Liberal Party member Meng-Woo Park and Yong-Tae Kim,   Administrator of Satey Director Bu-Kyum Kim all sent a congratulatory messages through video recordings.


Dr. Han said in her speech, “There are many problems in the world today. We have tried to overcome these problems with human effort and power; however, there is still no answer and the future is in a hopeless situation. We have seen the terrible reality of the first and second World Wars, and we have been through the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations, but we still have yet to solve these problems globally.” She also continued, “Let those people and nations who received Heaven’s blessings take responsibility. Happiness grows as we share it, and we must fulfill our responsibilities as a blessing that can be shared with our neighbors, nations, and the world, not merely for our own happiness,” and she then said, “Let us all work together to achieve peaceful reunification through true love.”

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