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Title [Sun Moon News] Hyeon-Woo Jo, a Graduate of Sunmoon University, Played ‘Crucial Role’ in the World Cup as Goal Keeper
Date 2018-07-09 Hit 9594
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[Sun Moon News]
Hyeon-Woo Jo, a Graduate of Sunmoon University, Played ‘Crucial Role’ in the World Cup as Goal Keeper

- Contributed 20 million won for the growth of Sunmoon students

- A role model since his school days… A national player who has both skills and character


Sunmoon graduate Hyeon-Woo Jo (Daegu FC.27) took an active role in the 2018 Russian World Cup.


On the 18th, Hyeon-Woo Jo debuted and took the stage during the game against Sweden. Soccer fans from around the world went wild over his animalistic reflexes when tackling the ball in critical moments.


Although Korea lost 1:0, Hyeon-Woo Jo has caught the world’s attention. Not only was he in the score headlines in the press, his picture was also on the main homepage of the FIFA website the next day, following the match on the 19th.


His life as a soccer player officially started during his university years. In 2010, he majored in Sports Science, and was selected to be a key player as a goal keeper. It was also then when he created ties with Keung-Yeon Jo, who is the chairman of the Professional Football League, as well as a member of the Korea Football Association, who had been coaching at Sunmoon for around eight years at the time.


When he entered university, the soccer club was already a renowned team, and had been ever since its inception in 1995. Since then they have taken 3rd place in the Autumn University Soccer League in 2006, championed in the 1st 2nd year Spring Tournament, 3rd place in the President’s Cup Soccer Tournament in 2008, 2nd place in the College league soccer game in 2008 and 2nd place in the National Spring University Soccer League in 2010.


In addition, for the first time in a university team, there was a foreign coach, Carlos Andrade from Brazil.


Hyeon-Woo Jo went to many tournaments as a goal keeper including the national tournament. Also, since the year he entered school, he gained experience when he was recruited as a representative for the U-20 Olympics, and as an annual representative for the Universiade Games, as well as Korea-Japan University Soccer Matches.


During his university life, his colleagues and teachers praised his abilities and good character. When he was in his 3rd year in 2012, he donated 20 million won for the development of his juniors, who were practicing very hard, despite their difficult circumstances.


The donations were used for remodeling and improving the accommodations the students lived in. Currently, the soccer team of Sunmoon prides itself in their top-notch grass fields and training camps and other facilities, which might be thanks to their predecessors who continue to wish the best for their juniors in both their studies and their sports ambitions.


When asked, his professor, Hyung-Il Lee (Sports Science Major) said, “The part that stood out about him was that he was always a role model student and very considerate towards others.” He also stated, “His outstanding skills made it apparent that he would stand out in the athletic world once he took the stage.”


Meanwhile, Hyeon-Woo Jo was selected as one of the K League 1 Best Eleven GK and drafted for the upcoming match on the 24th in the Rostov Arena. He will be competing in the 2nd match in Group F against Mexico.... [See the original story]

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