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Title [Yonhap News etc] Women’s Federation, Nepal ‘2nd School of Hope’ Completion
Date 2017-03-27 Hit 774
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[Yonhap News]

Women’s Federation, Nepal ‘2nd School of Hope’ Completion

The President of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, Yeon-Ah Moon (2nd row, 11th from the right), is attending the building dedication ceremony of the School of Hope of Nepal, in Gorka, Nepal, on the 1st, and is taking a commemorative photo with the people of the Jageshiwor Middle School Program....[See the original story]


Women’s Federation for World Peace, Nepal ‘2nd School of Hope’ Completion

The support activities for Nepal by the Women’s Federation for World Peace are bearing fruit.

The Women’s Federation completed the Siri Jageshiwor Middle School, the 2nd school of hope of the ‘Construction of Schools of Hope in Nepal’ project in the Gorka area, on the 1st.

The Gorka area is one of the areas that suffered greatly as the seismic center of the earthquakes in Nepal, which occurred in April, 2015.

The new school consists of a two-story building with eight classrooms. As this school has been aptly designated to shape the future leaders of Nepal, the design has been rendered earthquake-proof, and a year was spent in wisely selecting construction materials. 400 students are to attend this school.

Through her keynote address, The International President of the Women’s Federation, Yeon-Ah Moon recalled, “Mothers in Korea felt truly sorry when they heard the news of Nepal.”

President Yeon-Ah Moon said, “This school is yours. The students and teachers here are the true owners,” and encouraged the crowd by adding, “If people sacrifice for their town and country, they shall become the owner of true love and leaders. I hope that everyone can study hard so that they can become great leaders that can serve Nepal.”

Through his welcoming address, Principal Sapkota said, “When most of the houses and schools fell to the ground due to the earthquakes, people had lost hope,” and expressed his gratitude by adding, “When the construction of this school began, it became a symbol of hope, and at the same time, a role model.”

In his congratulatory message, Parliamentarian Dhakal said, “Even in such a difficult situation, the school has been completed as planned,” and further emphasized, “This new building, which was built in the Gorka area that was widely destroyed by the earthquakes, is to become a new light.”...[See the original story]

[Segye Times]

[See the original story]

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