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Title The 4th Tongil Group Computer Security Seminar
Date 2017-06-22 Hit 2184
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The 4th Tongil Group Computer Security Seminar kicked off at 10:30 with an opening ceremony, followed by a schedule briefing.



Before starting this training, there was time given to make a full bow to the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, the founders of Tongil Group.

At the opening ceremony, encouraging remarks were given by the director of Administrative Support, Jong-Woo Kim, representing the Foundation. Jong-Woo Kim said that just like in any other entity in society, the threat of malware and various security incidents like Ransomware exists, and it is necessary for the computer administrators of Tongil Group to prepare for breaches like Ransomware. If there are no IT staff members among the affiliates, there should be as much cooperation as  possible within the scope of the Foundation, and I hope that this training will be of great help in your actual work.

  After the opening ceremony, a group photo was taken with the participants.

Following the opening ceremony, a full-scale security education course began. The director of the Foundation’s IT team, Gyeong-Sam Kim, reviewed the results of the security periodic inspection of 15 affiliates in the two months of the first half of the year under the theme of "Review of the Periodical Inspection of Tongil Group’s Security in 2017," and also gave a briefing on the shortcomings of existing security protocols, as well as points to be supplemented.

Subsequently, the director of the Foundation’s IT team, Jong-Hyun Lim, explained about the basic concepts and mining methods on the topic of ‘Bitcoin,’ and also described cases involving Bitcoin.

During the last training session in the morning, the manager of Jiranjikyo Soft, Jong-Guk Yoon, gave a presentation on the theme, “Introducing the Anti-Ransomware Software,” which is an anti-Ransomware program that can prevent Ransomware at a low cost.

Part 2 (Afternoon)

The afternoon schedule started at 1:30 pm after lunch.

Song-Hwi Nam of Yongpyong Resort shared a report under the theme, "Sharing the Next Generation ERP System Development Case," the contents of how to successfully build next-generation ERP for Yongpyong Resort, which has been progressing for more than five years. In particular, he explained that during the developing process, four key employees were sent as the project team, which resulted in a successful project, making it a cornerstone for a successful company project, rather than merely a computer project.

Next, manager of Gluion I & S, Gim-Soo Kim, gave a presentation on “Managing Software License,” explaining how to prepare for a crackdown on illegal software, which has become a prevalent issue in recent years. He also elaborated on cases involving crackdowns on malicious software (malware).

During the second case presentation, Team Manager of Cheongshim IT Sang-Ryul Han, gave a presentation on the topic, “Introduction of Cheongshim Affiliated Group System,” and introduce the HR system used by the Cheongshim Group and the IDC, which is operating within itself.

The team manager of East Security, Dong-Min Kim, gave a presentation on the topic, “Introduction of Solution for Central Documentation,” explaining about the solution for central documentation that can secure, backup and prevent attacks from Ransomware.

The last session was a time to share a case study of TIC's Smart Factory. The team manager of TIC's Financial Accounting Team, Jong-Guk Chang, has set up a three-step roadmap for Smart Factory implementation by cooperating with IT representatives and businesses. He mentioned that his team is still in the early stages of inputting the performance as the field engineers, but he promised to gradually develop to the point at which both cost reduction and quality innovation can be achieved.

After the end of the training, the seminar concluded with the participants completing a survey.

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