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Title Tongil Group Hope Dream Salary Round-Off Supporting Project “2017 Happiness Program to Make with Mom and Dad”
Date 2017-08-03 Hit 1961
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The Daegu Multicultural Welfare Center program called, “Happiness Program to Make with Dad and Mom” was selected as the 2017 Tongil Group Hope Dream Salary Round-Off beneficiary project (donation of 4.5 million won). This program was held on July 22 (Saturday), a one-night, two-day schedule with a total of 40 people, including multicultural families from the Philippines, Thailand and Japan who attended at the seminar room of Macsumseuk Youth Hostel in Palgongsan, Daegu.


Adolescent children and the parents of multicultural families attended the “Happiness Program to Make with Dad and Mom” and this program helps parents to understand the children who are going through adolescence and raise their self-esteem by expressing positive emotions. In addition, children and parents can communicate smoothly with each other through dialogue and through the Foot-Washing Ceremony, the children are given time to be grateful for the efforts of their parents, and the parents are also encouraged to take time to thank their children for their healthy growth.


The program started with a donation delivery ceremony with the Tongil Group Round-Off Salary. At the ceremony, the Tongil Foundation Minister of the Foreign Affairs Cooperation Division, Yi-Ju Jeon, attended and delivered the donation to Eun-Ju Lee, Branch Manager of Daegu Multicultural Welfare Center. Afterwards, various programs were performed.

Juggling performance and experience

Special lecture by Regional Direct and Executive Director Dong-Won Jeong (Immersion, Meet the best me/Malicious rumor, Overcoming addiction)

Special lecture by Young-Sook Shin, Director of the Shelter for Happiness Migrant Women (Finding my happiness)

Foot-Washing Ceremony with the heart of love and gratitude


Parents recognize that they are not communicating well with their children, and want to participate in the program because they want to communicate more with their children. However, adolescent children do not know the importance of communicating with their parents, so encouraging their children to participate in the program required much effort. However, most of the families who attended the program were able to concentrate more on the program, and went home and practiced the program right away.

I attended this program for the second time, and the first time I attended with my mother. This time, I attended with my father and my mother attended the program with my sister. I felt more of the importance and appreciation of my family through this program. When I washed my father's feet, I felt my father's feet for the very first time and noticed that his flesh was hard and my heart was moved. Just imagining that image of my father who had been so busy working to support our family, I felt nothing but gratitude. Whenever I came home and my dad asked to massage him, I always told my sister to do it; and now felt like I was an unfilial daughter. Through this opportunity, I was able to do many things that I didn’t do before because I was ashamed to do them. And now I was able to think a lot. I hope to be a better daughter.

It seems that this will be the first of many unforgettable memories of conversations and events that I have shared with my father.

I know what my father wants me to do, and I will not be able to do it all; but I will try to practice it. It was an opportunity to get closer to my father, and if I had such an opportunity next time, it would be nice if my mother would join me. I am sorry that I was not a filial child to my father, and I know my father is also sorry that he was not able to be a great dad to me. But now that we know each other's hearts, I want my father, myself and our family to be filled with happiness.

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