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Title [Icheon Ilbo] Ilshin Stone Company has made superb kimchi to cultivate a bright society
Date 2017-11-25 Hit 663
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[Icheon Ilbo]

Ilshin Stone Company has made superb kimchi to cultivate a bright society

Kimjang (making and sharing kimchi) Event

On the 18th (Sat), around 40 people, including the CEO of Ilshin Stone, Hak-Seon Kim, who is leading the stone masonry culture, as well as company executives and their wives, used their weekends to volunteer to make kimchi with the Kimjang volunteer service program. They volunteered to share their hearts with struggling neighbors, including multicultural families and elderly people living alone in the nursing facilities, throughout the Incheon residential area.

With the cooperation from the Ilshin Church of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Icheon City Multicultural Family Center, this Kimjang volunteer service program was able to receive overall support, from providing a place for the event to enabling the beneficiaries to receive the kimchi.

 “In addition to supporting existing multicultural families, this year, it felt more rewarding to support the intellectual disability welfare facility ‘A Small House of Peace’ (Director Eun-Kyung Jang), which is located in the Christian foundation organizations and janitorial houses for the second generation of multicultural families.”

The Ilshin Stone Kimjang volunteer service program began in 2016 when the CEO Hak-Seon Kim was inaugurated. Based on Mr. Kim’s, “Experience of living for the sake of our neighbors” through many community volunteer activities, after being appointed at Ilshin Stone, Mr. Kim has shared Kimjang volunteer service with Ilshin employees. There were many difficulties in the first year; however, this year, the satisfaction with the volunteer activity has increased and the number of volunteers has doubled. This progress will help to cultivate the community consciousness, and will continue to develop Kimjang volunteer service.

At this Kimjang event, the Icheon factory and the Pocheon factory staff members and their wives attended, which greatly increased the success and happiness of all participants. The directors of the Icheon Factory boiled pollack and sweet rice starch and ground pear and white radish until late at night. And it looked beautiful to see the staff members working to make healthier kimchi, which does not contain any chemical seasoning, to share with the neighbors.


In addition, among the wives of the Ilshin Stone Company staff, the international wives boiled Dongtae soup and boiled pork, which tasted amazing. This delicious soup gave the volunteers and beneficiaries  a wonderful meal to bond over and break the ice among one another.


In addition, the Ilshin Stone Company is a publicly listed company established in 1971, and holds the largest stone exhibition hall and inventory in Icheon. In particular, the flagship stone building IL SOLE⌟, which opened in October of this year, attracted the attention of the owners because it sells whole specimens of rare stone as a gallery concept. Ilshin Stone is a company that cares for their neighbors, and we wish them infinite development and great success.... [See the original story]

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