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Title 2017 Tongil Group Wives’ Workshop
Date 2017-11-25 Hit 1688
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On October 27 to 28, the “2017 Tongil Group Wives' Workshop” was successfully held at the Cheongshim International Youth Training Center, located on the banks of Cheongpyeong Lake,  beautifully adorned with colorful fall foliage, with 180 delegates in attendance. The executive wives from 14 companies, including Tongil Foundation, Ilhwa, Yongpyong Resort, Segye Times, Ilshin Stone Company, Seil Travel Agency, Seonwon Construction, TIC, Shinjeong Development Company, Ilsang Marine Industry, JC, Seilo, Jinheung Pine Ridge Resort and Farmsco took part in this workshop.

In order to realize the importance of the family, which is the cornerstone of Tongil Group’s ideology, from 2014 on, the Tongil Group has been continuously sending the executive wives to workshops, including six workshops based on the Founders Ideology Japanese Program and two workshops in the US, as well as four one-night, two-day Executive Wives’ Workshop so far, and still continues to hold such meetings.

The opening ceremony was emceed by Tongil Group’s Head Director of Foreign Relations Ho-Yeol An, and was held in the order of bowing to the Founders, an opening prayer given by Tongil Group pastor Chan-Ho Kim and opening remarks by Chairman Yun-Gi Choi, as well as a group photo.

At the opening ceremony, Tongil Group Chairman Yun-Gi Choi said, “It is not enough for you to go on the right path alone. To live a better life, you need someone to guide you like a mentor. I have been in the Family Federation for 51 years, and have worked with many people while working in the media, including the public service. However, the one who mentored me on the individual, family, nation and world level during my lifetime was Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon,” and continued, “The workshop period is short, but I hope that it will be a good time for the Tongil Group wives to experience life's important guidelines, as well as to interact with one another.”

Mr. Ho Yeol Ahn, public relations representative of the Tongil Group said in his special lecture, ‘Tongil Group Press Reports,’ “After the passing of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, many people were surprised and impressed by the fact that Rev. Moon had lived a non-possessive life. There is a great deal of interest in the media about the peace activities of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.” Mr. An also showed clips on Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s Peace Rally held in Korea, Japan, US and Thailand, and also shared articles written by KBS, SBS, MBC, Monthly Chosun, Monthly JoongAng and Shin Dong A, as well as weekly and monthly magazines about the joint marriage ceremony on the 5th Anniversary of the Seonghwa of Rev. Sung Myung Moon.

The President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification-Korea Kyeung-Seuk Ryu said in his special lecture, “The Family Federation for the 63rd year, ever since the founding of the Family Federation has been working not only as a religious organization, but also as an organization to realize peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula, as well as world peace. The founders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon have been conducting a movement around the world to change the essential values ​​of mankind. For the Republic of Korea, which faces economic, security, political, educational and family crises, the Family Federation is 1) Spreading the True Parents, True Master, True Owner of New Tribal Messiahship, 2) Realizing a happy family community, 3) Continuously fostering future talent, 4) Spreading to practice of living with religious culture 5) Focusing on the five core tasks of realizing peace in the Korean peninsula.” Also, he added that this year, while introducing “Hope! For the harmonious unification of Korea Rally” nationwide, he asked for active participation in the spreading of the peace culture of religion, and it was a moment where participants were impressed and filled with  hope for the future.


“The difference between soccer and ballet is that the dancers have to laugh, no matter how hard it is, compared to soccer players. Like ‘The Show Must Go On,’ a dancer must continue to perform even if he is injured. Ballet, which started at the end of the 15th century in Italy, has a sentiment of 'Ballet Mime (using hand gestures).' If you put both hands on your chest, it expresses love, the upper body plays the role of adjectives, and the lower body plays the role of verb. You can enjoy it by watching the facial expressions, as well as the acting via intricate arm and leg movements and musicality. Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon said that it is possible to achieve world peace through culture and the arts. To that end, Universal Ballet has been working on the realization of the three pillars, which is Challenge, Creativity and Communication,” explained Julia H. Moon, Director of the Universal Ballet Academy.

The President of UPF-Korea, Kwang-Seok Song, gave a special lecture under the title, “The Life of the Founder and the Unification Movement for Ending the Cold War and Overcoming the Division.” He stated, “During the election of the 40th US President, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon have made an effort for President Reagan to be elected to prevent the US and world from communizing. President Reagan then announced a Space Defense Strategy (SDI) to neutralize nuclear weapons, and Rev. Sun Myung Moon launched and supported the conservative newspaper, The Washington Times, in an effort to end the Cold War. In the end, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev decided to reduce nuclear weapons, and Rev. Moon then held a conference in Moscow to support Gorbachev's reform policy. Rev. Moon also visited North Korea and held talks with President Kim Il Sung, in order to form a peace treaty between the two Koreas. On November 11, the 2017 World Conference on Peace and Unification of the Korean Peninsula was held in Sangam-dong attended by Dr. Hak Ja Han, which is geopolitically important in maintaining peace throughout Northeast Asia and the world.”

The Chief Secretary General to the Founder Won-Ju Jung explained in her special lecture, “Dr. Hak Ja Han is offering special prayer every day at this Cheonwon grounds. In 1982 in America, I met an American through the marriage blessings in the United States and started to live the life of service in East Garden up until now. I have learned to live the life of service through watching Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon live the life of service to God. If the person you are serving is not comfortable, then that is not called a life of service, so we don’t know how difficult it is to live the life of service. In 1991, when Rev. and Mrs. Moon went to Pyongyang and spoke to President Kim Il-Sung about the Cephalic ideology, I shed tears of fear and joy. Faith is more important in the life of the service. It is difficult to go forward with belief in Rev. and Mrs. Moon, but if we become one with faith, we will become great filial sons and daughters, and this will bring great strength to Dr. Hak Ja Han.”

The Chief Secretary to the Founder, Young-Ho Yoon, said in his special lecture, “After the 3rd Anniversary of Rev. Moon’s Seonghwa, Dr. Hak Ja Han proclaimed ‘Hyojeong.’ After three years of intellectual inheritance, and four years of activity, we are working on peace for the world and toward resolving the conflicts that are happening all over the world. Around the world, family breakdown is critical; however, the True Family Movement continues to spread. We have been teaching Hyojeong personality education at about 8,000 schools, including in Africa and Asia, as well as in Central and South America. These universal values ​​and movements are centered around Dr. Hak Ja Han.” Mr. Yoon went on to explain Dr. Han’s activities throughout the world.

A specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Cheongshim International Medical Center, Dr. Su-Hyung Cho, had time to explain about symptoms and treatment methods for various feminine health matters, as well as details on how to maintain a healthier marital lifestyle.

During the final event on the first day, the wives of the affiliated companies were getting close to one another, while conducting quizzes, throwing balloons and singing.

The first lecture of the next morning was a special presentation about the spiritual world by Pastor Dong- Won Jung of Daegu. “As AI's level of human intelligence increases, the 21st century is a spiritual age, coincided by intellect and spirituality. As the period changes from age of wealth • the age of well-being • the age of well-dying, people are more interested in mental health than substance, and even further completion of mental health which is death. There are three stages of life in human life, and the funeral culture is changing into a culture of sanctification. Because the growth of the spiritual body is only possible through the flesh, the atonement must be done on the earth, as heaven and hell are made by human beings, and the place to go in the spirit world is decided by oneself. The spiritual world is a world of light and love and it lives on forever. Since heaven can only be ascended to only as a family unit, not as a single person, we have to fulfill a true family,” and while watching movie clips from “What Dreams May Come,” time was given to think again about the importance of life after death.

Pastor Jung-Ho Park then gave a special lecturer saying, “You need to know the value of the blessing, and fulfill the three great blessings to live happily. The marriage blessing is crucial in solving the problem of family breakdown, immorality and youth derailment due to the loss of values, and establish purity values in the family. The love of a couple that cannot be separated has law and order. Marriage is a blessing because the significance of marriage is the unity of blood and tradition by true love. Through the exchange marriage blessings, it has brought about international marriages between enemy nations, thus transforming enemy relationships into love relationships. The Korean-Japanese family is a prime example of the exchange marriage blessing.” The participants were introduced to the deep meaning of the marriage blessing and understanding the importance of a true family.

At the closing ceremony, the Chief Secretary of the Tongil Group, Seong-Gyeun Lee said, “The school built by the church is called the mission school, and companies built by the church and mission companies. Since Tongil Group is a mission company, it is natural to explain the intention of the Founder. When I joined the church, I was in my first year of high school, and it has been 47 years already. When I first heard the Principle of Creation, I was impressed by the fact that I could explain religion scientifically in male-female, stamen-pistil and the inductive explanation that God is both positive and negative. I had studied science, and back then I felt that the universe was the work of one person. The whole world was created from our Creator God, our Heavenly Parent,” as he emphasized the importance of the workshop.

The wife of the Chairman of the Tongil Group, Soon-Hee Kim, said, “I think we became closer as a family than last year. We were able to spend time in a good environment, and I would like you to always live with gratitude. We want to be able to see each other again in good health next year.” Her testimony was met with enthusiastic applause.

The Head of the Foreign Relations Ho-Yeol An said, “This was a good time for us to understand that God exists and there is spirit world, and the value of the blessing, and also, how to live a good life. I heard many times through Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s words that God loves all religion, denominations and races. True love • Family • Purity is a common value everyone should keep. I hope this will be a time for all of us to think seriously about this content again.” And with that, the workshop ended.

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